Am I doing this right

Mouse Rat - 5,000 Candles in the Wind


Just want to point out that this exists as a full song.

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have you tried to explain to your friends and family that you have in fact received a rich education from the esteemed bird school, only to be met with scoffs, rebuttals, and general doubt? no more, for today you can provide the naysayers with concrete evidence of your breathtaking intellect. print out your bird school degree today and tell the world, “i went to bird school, which is for birds!”

(300 dpi 8 inch by 6 inch file available here.)

Don’t destroy me… I can still make you happy…. TO THE MAAAAX!!!

Ahhh so much simpsons, a man after my own heart!

I’ve literally posted so much simpsons-related stuff and tagged it so extensively it’s keeping me from ever deleting

Last night this poster that was above my head on my wall fell on me at like 4am and it scared me so much I couldn’t sleep any longer and I had to get up for work early today which sucked ass so this is the first time the Simpsons has caused me physical pain